Common Investment Myths – And How to Break Them



Let’s talk about investment myths. Have you started investing yet? If the answer is yes, think about the last time you sat down with a financial advisor and reviewed your portfolio to ensure your investment strategy is still aligned with your goals. If the answer is no, ask yourself why not? Maybe it’s because you don’t think you can afford it,  maybe it’s because you’re afraid of the risk versus reward or maybe it’s because you don’t see the value in paying fees.


Here’s the good news, today I’m debunking common investment myths. Actually, I’m going to shatter them. Whatever the reason may be that’s holding you back from reaching your full investment potential, it all ends now. If you’re hesitant about seeking financial advice, investing in the market and exploring different investment options, don’t worry because other people are too – that’s why there are so many common investment myths.


The key is to tell the truth about the current state of investing and help Canadians implement an investment strategy that you’re comfortable with.

Here are the real answers to three common investment myths:


I can’t afford to invest


Yes, you can. Everyone, whether you’re 16 or 56 can afford to put a portion of your after-tax income towards investing. The percentage varies depending on your monthly household expenses and individual disposable income, but yes everyone can afford to invest. So often people feel that saving investing are just for the wealthy – and that’s just not true.


I don’t need professional advice


Oh yes you do, everyone does. Why? Because there is so much more to creating an investment strategy than choosing the right stock at the right time – and I don’t do that because that’s not what smart investing is about.


The truth is investing is about finding solutions that align with your short term and long-term goals as well as your risk tolerance and time horizon. The Manulife investment philosophy is “There’s a difference between access to investments and investing successfully. Managing money wisely is a full-time job which takes experts with significant experience and skill.”


On a side note, timing the market to buy in on the absolute lowest day of the year and selling on the absolute highest day of the year to gain the maximum profit is another common investment myth. That doesn’t happen.


I shouldn’t have to pay fees


Well yes you should. In life we all have to pay for a professional service. I can’t think of a scenario where you get a service for free – except for the library. If you want the best dentist then you have to pay for it. The exact same principal is true when it comes to investing.


Of course, you can open a self-directed online brokerage account and manage your own money, but do you have the years of experience and professional expertise of a financial advisor? This is the real reason why paying for a professional service is worth the cost. It’s about access to investments (because you could do that yourself online) it’s about the experience and the expertise.


I hope this helps overcome some of your hesitations when it comes to building a relationship with a financial advisor and creating an investment strategy that fits your individual needs. If you want to discuss other common investment myths then let’s chat.


*This content was originally created by Manulife Securities for information purposes only. It has been distributed for advisor publication.*

Here comes the sun it’s time to plan your summer vacation

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Now that we’ve hit the month of May, summer vacation season is just around the corner. For those of you who want to do some traveling this summer but haven’t quite decided where you want to go, I’ve found a few ideas that might interest you.


Summer in Canada means that we don’t have to leave the country to enjoy warm weather – and with the Loonie being what it is these days, being able to spend our own dollar during a summer vacation is a nice bonus.


Travelling to Western Canada


For those of you who like Western Canada, you can’t go wrong at Banff and Lake Louise. There’s gorgeous scenery, fresh mountain air, and the chance to see a moose moseying down the sidewalk. What’s not to like about that? Look here on Reader’s Digest for more information about Banff and Lake Louise.


Taking a trip to the East Coast


If you’re considering a trip to Eastern Canada, there’s plenty to like about that part of our country also. We all know about the great seafood you can enjoy in the Maritimes, and history buffs will find there’s lots to see too, but it’s also a very underrated destination for a summer vacation if you enjoy golf.


Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia boast some of the country’s top-rated courses, and they’re much more affordable than you’d expect. You can find more information about golfing on Golf PEI and Nova Scotia’s website.


Planing a vacation in Quebec


Another great place for a vacation is La Belle Province. Montreal offers great restaurants and culture year round, but in the summer it hosts the Grand Prix as well as the world-famous Montreal Jazz Festival. And if you’re a fan of cottage country, the Eastern Townships have some of the nicest lakes and mountains in the country.


It’s a nice, quiet place to spend a week or two to unwind and breathe in the clean, fresh air. Visit MTLBlog and the Eastern Townships for more information on what to do and where to go when vacationing in Quebec.


If you’re looking for summer vacation ideas, I hope I’ve given you some destinations to consider. No matter where you decide to go, use plenty of sunscreen and take lots of photos! 

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