Sunil Heda, CPA (US) 

  Investment Advisor, Heda Investments, Manulife Securities Incorporated

  Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. 

  Cell: (416) 571 - 0369 / Bus: (905) 605 - 7400   

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Business Vision

Bring together the best of resources, solutions, tax strategies and deliver Wealth Management Services in a 'proactive, personalized, and professional manner' while ensuring excellence in service standards.‚Äč

Follow a structured and disciplined approach to Investment Management and weave strategic Tax and Estate planning strategies in the design of Client's Porfolios.

GIC Rates* 

1 YEAR 2 YEARS  3 YEARS 4 YEARS  5 YEARS High Interest Investment Saving Account
2.46% 2.81% 2.88% 3.02% 3.20% 1.40%


* All Rates are Per Annum as of September 21, 2018

* CDIC Coverage Available 

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Manulife Private Wealth

Manulife Private Wealth, a unique, seamless and integrated approach to wealth management that includes banking, investment management, and advisory services. Manulife Private Wealth is designed as a collaborative service model allowing clients to retain existing trusted advisors, while receiving highly personalized private banking and investment management services, with access to an integrated team of financial planning, tax and estate experts, accountants and lawyers.

Manulife Private Wealth’s goals-based investment management approach uses a team model to leverage Manulife Asset Management’s extensive experience in domestic and international institutional investment management with expertise across asset classes and investment styles.

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