Investment Management Services


  • Goal setting and Required Rate of Return


  • Asset allocation & Investment Selection based on personal goals, objectives & risk tolerance


  • Tax efficiency & Fee Analysis of Investments


  • Continuous Monitoring and Ongoing Investment Management


  • Investment Avenues include:
    • Equities - Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Non Principal protected Notes, Closed Ended Funds
    • Fixed Income - Bonds, GICs, Principal Protected Notes
    • Mutual Funds, Private Investment Pools
    • Segregated Funds, Annuities, Lifetime Income Solutions, Pension Plans
    • Solutions Structure: Fee Based & Non Fee Based
    • Access to Discretionary Money Managers e.g. Mawer Investment Management, Conner Clark & Lunn etc.
    • Access to Manulife Private Wealth


  • Account Types include: Cash & Margin, RSP, Spousal RSP, TFSA, LIRA, LRSP, RESP, RDSP, Family Trust, IPP


  • Accounts for Individuals, Partnership, Corporation, Trust, Estate etc.
Our Approach


Access innovative strategies and the specialized expertise of global money managers.

We provide you with a full range of investment solutions across asset classes and geographies – fixed income, equities, asset allocation, specialty mandates and alternative strategies – along with a variety of investment styles customized to meet your individual needs.

Mutual Funds







Segregated Funds 



Masters Private Account Program-Portfolio Managers

                              (Discretionary, Separately Managed Accounts)








Market Linked GIC's