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Investment Management

Providing Everything You Need


What we provide*

  • Goal setting and Required Rate of Return

  • Asset allocation & Investment Selection based on personal goals, objectives & risk tolerance

  • Tax efficiency & Fee Analysis of Investments

  • Continuous Monitoring and Ongoing Investment Management

  • Investment Avenues include:

    • Equities - Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Non Principal protected Notes, Closed Ended Funds

    • Fixed Income - Bonds, GICs, Principal Protected Notes

    • Mutual Funds, Private Investment Pools

    • Segregated Funds, Annuities, Lifetime Income Solutions, Pension Plans

    • Solutions Structure: Fee Based & Non Fee Based

    • Access to Discretionary Money Managers e.g. Mawer Investment Management, Conner Clark & Lunn etc.

    • Access to Manulife Private Wealth

  • Account Types include:

  • Accounts for Individuals, Partnership, Corporation, Trust, Estate etc.

*Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are offered through Manulife Securities Incorporated. *Insurance products and services are offered through Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

Our Approach

We provide you with a full range of investment solutions across asset classes and geographies – fixed income, equities, asset allocation, specialty mandates and alternative strategies – along with a variety of investment styles customized to meet your individual needs

Portfolio construction is more than just building better portfolios. It’s about increasing the likelihood that your clients’ investment outcomes match their goals.

+ Understanding Investor Needs

We understand your unique needs, and combined with sophisticated portfolio construction tools and services, we design investment strategies that deliver better outcomes for you.

+ Proven, world-class solutions

  • Multi-boutique shelf of core and niche investment solutions has you covered in any market condition.

  • Multi-asset solutions approach enables us to efficiently deliver robust, diversified portfolios with sophisticated risk management.

  • Access innovative strategies and the specialized expertise of global money managers.

+ Constructing Optimized portfolios

  • Wide range of tools and solutions help construct effective portfolios.

  • Customized portfolios using our unique strategies and modular approach as you progress through your life stages.

Partner with us to develop a personalized, independent review or your portfolio.


Reach your Financial Goals

Building long-term wealth is simpler than you may think. Starting early to invest and working with an advisor can help you reach your financial goals.

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Value of Advice

Did you know, when it comes to your financial well-being, advice may be the difference between achieving your financial goals and falling short?

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Masters Private Account Program-Portfolio Managers

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GICs)

Segregated Funds

Market Linked Structured Notes

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