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Retirement Planning & Estate Strategies

Providing Everything You Need

What we provide

  • Retirement Income Goal Setting, Projection and Analysis

  • Pension Analysis, CPP and OAS Analysis

  • Severance Pay - Analysis & Investment of Lumpsum payment

  • Beneficiary Audit

  • Legacy Planning

  • Inheritance

  • Intergenerational transfers

  • Estate Bond

  • Gifting to Children

  • Trusts

  • Charitable donation

* Some Estate Planning strategies may require the involvement of a Legal professional

Service Tax Minimization Strategies

  • Tax efficiency of investments

  • Tax Deferral , Tax Conversion

  • Tax Gain / Loss Harvesting

  • Tax efficient transfer assets through your Estate

  • Income splitting

  • Inter-Generational transfer

*Tax minimization strategies abide by rules set forth by the CRA and may require us to work along side a Chartered Accountant. 

Insurance Consultation
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Retirement Planning Pyramid 

It’s important to plan for your financial future. If you’re not sure how to plan ahead, take a look at the Retirement Planning Pyramid.

This widely accepted and simple tool can help you create a financial plan that is built on a solid foundation.
The pyramid illustrates which financial matters you should address first: debt reduction, insurance needs, a properly drawn will and an emergency fund.

As you move up the pyramid (by reducing debt and
acquiring assets), your income protection needs are replaced by your need to accumulate more wealth.

Ask us to help you plan ahead using the Retirement Planning Pyramid.    

Corporate In-Kind Donating

As more and more corporations invest their retained earnings directly in various vehicles like mutual funds or publicly traded securities, the value of their portfolio continues to grow. And as business owners build their corporation's portfolio, they may also want to 'give back' while taking advantage of the tax benefits of donating investment funds to charity. However, what many business owners may not know is that where corporate investments have increased in value, a corporate donation in-kind results in a more favorable tax consequence than selling the investment and donating the cash.

To see why this is, please click here or contact us.

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Personal Asset Transfer Plan

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