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Risk and Insurance Management

There are a number of unexpected life events that can interrupt your financial goals for the future. Reviewing your financial objectives and protection needs is an important step towards reaching those goals.
Based on your age, the visual above helps identify your insurance protection needs.
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Risk Management & Insurance Solutions

  • Income protection, Asset protection, Family protection, Estate protection

  • Insurance Coverage Types: Life Insurance, Critical Insurance, Disability Insurance

  • Insurance Solutions: Term Life, Permanent, Individual Life, Joint Life, Wholelife, Universal Policies etc.

  • Travel Insurance

  • Health and Dental Plans

  • Group Insurance Plans 

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Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness doesn’t discriminate – men and women of all ages and occupations feel its impact.

Click here to take a glimpse at some of the critical illness claims and benefits you can be eligible for when you are covered by insurance. 

Critical illness insurance helps cover the unexpected costs and potential loss of income associated with a serious illness. From the additional costs associated with medicine and treatment, to travel, home care and specific accommodations if needed, treating and recovering from an illness can have a devastating financial impact. Plus, if you’re unable to work during your recovery, the impact is even greater.

With critical illness insurance, if you become sick with one of the covered conditions covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you receive a cash benefit. You can then use the funds as you wish.

Critical Illness, Please Contact Us

Basic Critical Illness Insurance - Quote & Apply

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance helps protect your income and business if you become disabled and can’t work. With different products available for full-time, part-time or home-based workers, disability insurance is the perfect solution for professionals, business owners, business executives and other employed Canadians.  An individual disability insurance plan can help you meet your income requirements so you can concentrate on recovering and returning to an active life.

Whether you need to secure your main source of income or supplement the coverage you receive from your employer or an association, disability insurance can help by providing a comprehensive and portable plan you can rely on throughout your working years.

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