"Sunil Heda is thorough, knowledgeable and trustworthy. We appreciate his depth of knowledge, skill and no pressure style. We would recommend him highly."

- Beverly 

"Sunil is well experienced with investment and insurance field in Canada & US. He has earnest urge to do well for all his customers in terms of optimal returns on investments & required insurance to protect families.

He was patient, sincere & honest while detailing various investments options, risks associated and the ways to mitigate risks to possible minimum. I am happy with the investment options he chose for us & it’s consistent returns.

Thanks a lot Sunil."

- Vinayak

"Warren Buffet maintains 'Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing'. In these busy times common investor is very ignorant and finds it challenging to keep pace with the performances of all contemporary corporates and mushrooming startups. Hence the quest for honest and sincere experts to identify opportunities to park hard earned savings in a fruitful way.


Enter Sunil Heda!!


Sunil's relentless efforts impressed me. His sincerity and integrity is unquestionable. His expertise is established by his in-depth knowledge backed by his rich experience. Historically, he has showcased his mettle and produced results for me. Following Buffets tenet, I invested in something I know - meaning, I've invested in Sunil's expertise and again following Warren Buffets prophecy, forgotten about my investment for long run with an unwavering belief that I shall come out triumphant.


Thank you for your help Sunil."

- Yatendra

"Sunil Heda has proven to be a competent, trustworthy and valuable financial advisor. Based on my experience with Sunil and other past experiences, I would highly recommend him."

- Paul

"It was a pleasure working with sunil who seemed to have all the answers to our health & financial insurance questions. Sunil always goes beyond & above to find the right product for my family, he is professional & knowledgeable in his career.


*Outstanding Service*


I would highly recommend Sunil to my friends & family members.

Thank you Sunil."

- Georges El-Khoury

"Sunil Heda has given me very good advice and structured an effective investment strategy, based on an assessment of risk tolerance, to meet my income needs and asset growth objectives. He has provided me with clear and well researched analysis of market conditions and available investment options.

Sunil is friendly, responsive and proactive in carrying out actions and servicing my portfolio. He is a thoroughly reliable professional who also adds value by regularly keeping me informed with market updates and relevant investment related publications of interest.

Sunil is a high quality Investment Advisor"

- Gopinath

"Sunil shows professionalism, patience and a certain level of detail which is assuring. He is responsive with timely communications with his clients. He brings forward solutions with long-term thinking keeping in view the client requirements."

- Rajesh

"Sunil has done a great job managing my portfolio, not just in terms of the positive steady growth I have enjoyed, but the highly tailored service, advice and options Sunil brings forward. It has been a positive experience from managing my own portfolio."

- Vivek

"My Investments, pension funds, RRSPs were with various institutions and I was loosing track of it; wasn’t aware that consolidation can be done.

 Sunil explained the possibilities, helped with operational procedures to bring all investments under consolidation & helped me to appreciate & enjoy seeing my funds growing.

Thanks a lot Sunil."

- Rajashree

"I am extremely happy with the services provided by Sunil. He is always alert with conditions and up to date in knowledge of current financials and investments. I will be pleased to recommend his name to my friends and families."

- Rajender

"Thanks for providing us excellent services. Sunil responds to every email within minutes & takes best efforts to understand & answer all queries."

- Neera