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Travelling Soon? or Expecting Visitors? Find out how you can insure yourself or your loved ones.

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Well, it’s not just a clever name. Flexcare Health and Dental plans provide your clients with the flexibility to select a plan that suits them best.


FollowMe™ Health is designed to offer your clients comprehensive health and dental coverage for them and their family, when their group coverage ends.

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Our Health and Dental Insurance coverage is continually enhanced to offer you the greatest value and benefits. Eight different health and/or dental coverage plan options provide the ability to pay for only the coverage you need.

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Anyone aged 18-65 who’s looking for financial protection against the possibility of illness. The lump-sum benefit is tax-free and can be used for many purposes

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The Student plan offers those who are studying away from home a smart and economical way to help protect themselves against the cost of emergency medical and basic healthcare expenses and more.

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Emergency Medical Plan for Visitors to Canada.

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Whether you are travelling outside your province or Canada, Manulife Financial Travel Insurance plans are designed to help protect you against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may occur before or during your trip.

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Visitors who aren't Canadian residents are not covered by our government health insurance plans. That means visitors could end up facing significant out-of-pocket medical expenses if an illness or accident occurs while they're in Canada.

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Retirement Planning

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Retirement means different things to different people. No matter how you envision your retirement,
the best way to make it a reality is to develop a plan and stick to it. Ensuring you have enough income
and assets to live comfortably will allow you to retire from your job, not your way of life.

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Are there any additional costs that may be related to your major purchase (e.g., the closing costs
associated with the down payment for a house or visa/passport fees for a vacation abroad)?

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Imagine your child coming to you with an acceptance letter from the school of their dreams.
How will you ensure that they can continue to focus on school rather than how to pay for it?